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Over the

Over-the-Garage unit

Detached garages with separate living units are changing the trends of the housing industry. This design, often referred to as a garage apartment, offers space for parking and storage on the ground floor, while providing livable space on an upper unit.

This unit generally includes its own entrance, bedroom, bath, and kitchen – making it ideal for family, guests, and potential tenants. This type of unit can be built over an existing garage or be built with a new garage.

Benefits of an Over-the-Garage Unit:

Extra space for a home office, gym, or art studio
Long-term living space for elderly parents or in-laws
Increase in property value
Source of passive income

The Mighty Buildings' Advantage:

Pre-Approved Building Plans
Fast Assembly of Panelized Components
High Quality Materials
Turnkey Process
Quick On-Site Installation
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Model Beverly

Beverly is our new over-the-garage unit that is perfect for:
  1. Homeowners looking to create extra space for older kids, elderly parents, in-laws, overnight guests, a home office, or gym.
  2. Property investors seeking to create additional living units on their current multi-family properties.
    Exterior staircase
    2 bedrooms
    1 bathroom
    Washer & dryer
    Rooftop deck
    Appliances & fixtures

    Floor Plan

    This 665 sq. ft. unit is spacious with two large bedrooms and one spacious bath. There's a generous living room and dining area overlooking a fully-equipped kitchen. The ground floor features a three-car garage that is spacious and modern. This is the re-imagined, modern garage apartment.
    Starting at $282,000 that includes:
    2 bed / 1 bath unit
    Rooftop deck 120 sf
    Subfloor structure with steel reinforcement
    3-car 3D-printed garage 666 sf

    ADUs on Multi-Family & Single-Family Lots

    Before 2020, only single-family lots were eligible for ADU construction – excluding multi-family lots. However, the recent need for new housing has prompted state-wide legislation to allow two detached ADUs to be built on the same lot as an existing multi-family building and convert an accessory space within the multi-family structure to ADUs.
    What is a multi-family unit?
    A building with two or more residential homes that are attached to one another.
    What are examples of a multi-family lot?
    • A duplex with two attached units
    • Apartment buildings & condos with attached units.
    What's the catch?
    Your lot must be in a residential zone.
    Can I add a Beverly model to my existing multi-family lot?
    Yes. If you have an existing multi-family building on a lot, you can add two ADUs onto the property.
    How many Beverly models can I add?
    You can add up two two Beverley models onto your existing multi-family lot.
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